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Havells HS4152 Salon like Hairstyling at home!

Havells HS4152 Salon like Hairstyling at home!

Hi Everyone,

Currently, I am only sharing reviews about the products that worked well for me. In the near future, I will come up with anti hauls (products that did not work well or I am not happy about).

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener review

So today, I will be reviewing Havells HS4152 hair straightener which I have been using since March, 2019. After I coloured my hair last year, I noticed that my hair had started looking frizzy, they had lost the shine, flow and bounce. I started using chemical free shampoos and hair conditioner to get that smoothing effect back in my hair. I went through regular spas and fortunately after all those efforts my hair look better now. But the day I shampoo my hair, they look frizzy and the frizz settles down in a day or two. I am not much bothered about my hair when I am at home but while going out with friends, I would really want my hair to look good and shiny.

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener

So I ordered this flat iron from amazon which is called Havells HS4152 hair straightener to help me achieve glossy, salon like hair.

What company claims-

Perfect Shiny Hair

The titanium plates provide an exceptionally smooth glide through your hair, helps to eliminate frizz and keep hair shiny.

Achieve Perfect Curls

The thin plates and curved edges can help you get perfect retro and bouncy curls with additional effort.

The 25x100mm Titanium coated plates distribute the heat evenly and protect the hair from over- heating. Floating plate adjusts to individual hair strands for even and faster styling, prevents hair breakage.

And not to be ignored, it comes with two years manufacturer guarantee.

Price- Rs. 1850 (on Amazon)

Though I purchased it for Rs. 2100 when it was first launched in March.

My experience with Havells Hair Straightener-

Honestly speaking, I never used hair styling tools ever before I ordered this and it truly came out to be the best purchase and worth every penny. It is very light in weight and it just glides through my hair while straightening. As it claims, yes its titanium coated plates give shine and gloss to my hair and make it frizz free. Though I have to use hair serum as thermal protection underneath before ironing or curling. I have very dense hair and because of its long plates that cover a big bunch of hair, it takes hardly 15-20 minutes to cover all my hair for straightening.

I make two sections of my hair and pin them up with the help of clutches, then I start ironing taking one small bunch of hair from the back, at a time.

Not only straightening, it is also a best option for curling your hair. Since it is very sleek in built, you can roll it along from the ends of your hair to get curls or waves. It takes only 5 seconds to heat up and is ready to work.

I generally work at minimum temperature i.e. 155 degree but it can go upto 230 degree as per your styling requirements. It also has a locking system (a button that lock the plates) while not in use. It comes up with 1.8m flexible cable which can be moved around while using it. And it is very travel friendly due to its sleek body.

I think I will not purchase any other styling tool in future if I have this. Though I do not use it very often but whenever I use it, its effect stays on my hair till I wash them. I am really happy to buy this product as it gives salon like effect to my hair.

And last but not the least, as compared to other high end brands like babyliss this is very affordable, giving the same results.

Good about the product

1. Titanium coated plates

2. Light weight

3. Quick heat up (5 secs)

4. Worth the price

5. Gives glossy finish

6. Glides on your hair well

7. Comes with finger gloves

Not so good about the product-

Nothing! I just liked everything about it!

SF rating – 5/5

Hope you enjoyed reading. See you in my next post. Till then…


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