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Ultimate ! Triple Shade Eyeliner

Ultimate Triple Eyeliner Technique

Ultimate Eyeliner Technique with three shades!

Hi Everyone, Are you tired of using eyeshadows? Or may be they take little time for blending or probably you are seeking to try something very different and unique. Or may be you do not have any idea of how to use eyeshadows. So, Today I am showing an Ultimate triple shade eyeliner technique that makes your eyes look Gorgeous! Here comes Triple shade eyeliner technique using three different color eyeliners that makes our eyes stand out.

PRODUCTS USED for Ultimate Triple shade eyeliner technique-

1. Maybelline Hyper Ink Glitz Eyeliner in the shades – Star Dust Gold and Aurora Green

2. Revlon Colorstay liquid eyeliner in the shade – Blue Twinkle ( I did not find this one online, hence, linking the one from Miss Claire which is similar to this one) – Miss Claire Pearl Eyeliner 06 Blue

How to apply Ultimate Triple Shade Eyeliner –

1.  Aurora green liner (the bottom wings) – With the help of any gift card or any card, placing it in the angle of required wings, draw a straight line starting from outer corner of your eyes towards the eyebrow holding the card in an angle. Once the line is made, draw a straight line using small strokes towards the eyelid and fill in the gaps if any.

2. Blue liner (middle wing) – In the same manner (as above), apply the blue coloured liner over the green one. The middle liner should be thinner than the bottom one so as to give a gradient look.

3. Golden liner (upper wing) – This will also go as above, but the thickness will be medium.

The second and the third steps will just follow the line made in step 1. Only the thickness will change. Remember – Your liner should always be thin towards inner corner of the eye and look thicker towards the outer corner.

And now you are ready with the finished look. This may sound little difficult at first but once you try your hands on applying, you will definitely achieve the best look. And trust me, beauty and make up is no rocket science. Because it’s an art, anyone can achieve this with little practice.

Finished look

Ultimate Triple shade Eyeliner
Ultimate Triple Eyeliner Technique
Ultimate Triple Shade Eyeliner Technique

Other Ideas to flaunt the look

I used no Kajal and no Eyeshadow for the above look and it still looks the best on any outfit. You can play with different colours like black, brown and golden or black, blue and silver. I liked how it turned out when I tried and it immediately reminded me of peacock wings. You can use Mascara to give the volume to your lashes or apply any light coloured matte eyeshadow above it and if you want your eyes to look more dramatic, you can apply false eyelashes (it will be like an extra topping in a pizza or may be a cherry over ice-cream 😜).

Match with accessories if you can

Moreover, you can create this look not only for parties but even when you are hanging out with your friends, it catches quick attention to your face. It is not really necessary to wear outfit that matches your liner or vice-versa but definitely if you have any accessories to match with, the look will get just Perfect!

Important tip

And last but not the least, everything comes with the practice, so if in case you are unable to make perfect wings, try making it with the help of any kohl and apply liner on the top of it. This will make it simpler as kohl will do the work as pencil on a paper and you would have an idea how thick/thin you would like the lines to be made with the three liners.

This technique is quite unique and ultimate, that makes you look gorgeous whenever you step out with the eyeliner having these peacock wing lovely shades.

Which colour of the eyeliner is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Shruti Poddar says:

    Awesome post. U r looking very pretty. Keep posting wonderful tips and tricks.

    1. anjali says:

      Thank you!

  2. Really beautiful eyeliner! It looks great with your complexion.
    – Kristen

    1. Thank you Kristen!

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